Adventures in Los Angeles: Part 2

This is part two of my trip to Los Angeles, if you missed the first part click here!


I think this was my favorite day out of the whole week. We packed a picnic and ventured into Beverly Hills to visit the cupcake ATM at Sprinkles Bakery. Yes, ATM. That spits out cupcakes. A cupcake ATM. LILILA #4: Dreams do come true. I got Lemon Merengue:


Lunch and cupcakes in tow, we headed to the Getty Museum which is located on a hill overlooking the city. The museum has an outdoor park and beautiful garden perfect for picnicking. Check out the inside of this amazing cupcake…it has a graham cracker crust with lemon cake and a lemon curd filling, topped with toasted marshmallow:


After devouring our cupcakes, we walked around the garden and museum and I got some good use out of my Nikon:

DSC_0142 DSC_0158 DSC_0119 DSC_0140 DSC_0180 DSC_0167 DSC_0184 DSC_0199

We were pretty beat after all that walking, so we headed home to relax before going out that night. We heard rumors of a jazz show hosted by Jeff Goldblum on Wednesdays, so we went to Hollywood for dinner and a show. Unfortunately, the waitress informed us he no longer plays there. Oh well! Dinner was still great and we enjoyed the outside patio at the Lexington Social House.



Since we were planning on being out late, we had another low key day on Thursday. We packed up some chicken and veggies to grill at the park and ended up staying for a long time since we were so relaxed. We read our books, she grilled, I sketched, we ate…it was a perfect day.


That night, we went to Santa Monica for a free concert on the pier. It ended up being a bit to crowded for my taste, but I still enjoyed experiencing the pier.


We decided to spend the day at the beach, but first we stopped at Juice Crafters because I had been craving fresh juice all week. I wish they had places like this back home! I got a carrot, ginger, apple juice. I finished it in about 5 seconds flat.

Juice Crafters

After spending many hours in the sun, we journeyed home to make dinner and rest up for our flights home Saturday morning. Adios, Los Angeles!

All in all, it was a wonderful vacation. Thanks to Caitlin, Matt, and Lydy for having me!

Coming next…how I stayed healthy in LA.

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