Jaime Eason’s Livefit Trainer: review

Adios amigos! Tomorrow I’m leaving for a week long vacation in LA to spend some quality time with my long time twin bff, which is much needed, since we don’t get to see each other as much as we used to. I’ve also never been to Cali, so I’m super excited to have her be my tour guide. Before I go, I want to review the Livefit trainer program.

Livefit trainer

I almost made it through without skipping any workouts, until I got sick last week. I only skipped two, but I was pissed because these last few weeks produce the most results. I also started carb cycling [read about that on this page], which ended up being easy while I was sick since I didn’t have an appetite!

This week was week 11, and I completed the workouts but struggled with carb cycling because it was my birthday and I was force-fed cake multiple times. Ok, I wasn’t forced…but I can’t not eat cake on my birthday. Or for breakfast the day after. And the day after that…

Next week would be week 12, the last week of the program. I plan on working out a few times if I can make it to a gym in LA (I’m sure that would be quite the experience), but if not…I won’t sweat it. I’ve worked really hard the last few months and I deserve a break. I just need to make sure I don’t repeat what happened when I came back from the Dominican.

Even though I won’t be completing the whole program, I am pretty satisfied with my results after 11 weeks. This program was a great introduction to lifting, and helped me face my fears of the weight room. I didn’t follow the nutrition plan as well as I should have, so I know I can do even better if I set my mind to it. Either way, I feel pretty confident now that I have the knowledge and tools to get it done in the gym.

I’m not so good about taking progress photos, but I do have this embarrassing gym selfie of my bicep. Enjoy. (btw, that is NOT armpit hair, it is a shadow, thankyouverymuch)


P.S. Finally sprung for a new water bottle…I got this one at Target and you push a button in the back to drink  for easy one handed use. No more screwing and unscrewing caps!

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