today is my birthday

I love how people ask you that question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, typically at interviews or something. I feel like they ask it just to put salt in the wound, because everyone knows it never pans out the way you think it will. Five years ago, if you asked me “where do you see yourself at age 25?” I would say I’d be a successful designer at a top agency in the city, married, and living in a beautiful house with a cute garden and a basement pottery studio. Clearly none of these things have happened, but now, if you ask that question, I’d say I see myself being happy and enjoying life, because that’s all that matters.

I guess I’ve got it down when it comes to the big picture, so now I just need to focus on the little things. Like the canoe trip this past weekend. I bought a tank top at Marshall’s with a tiger on the front and a tribal-like design. It’s one of those flowy trendy ones they sell in the junior’s section, and I so badly wanted one and an excuse to wear it. This was perfect. I saw myself rowing down the river with my tribal tank top and my hair flowing like Pocahontas, except I’d also be wearing my Ray Bans and a bandana. I couldn’t wait to get the trip started so I could Instagram myself in all my Pocahontas glory. Except I couldn’t find my bandana, and my hair was doing some crazy shit out there on the canoe. And then it got cold, so I put on a sweatshirt and covered up my festive tank top. But it’s okay, because even though I didn’t capture the moment as I saw it in my head, I will forever have the memory of me singing at the top of my lungs “Just around the Riverbend” from Pocahontas with Meg half screaming half laughing as we sort of almost tipped over after hitting a rock.

Some shots I managed to capture from the last few days of being 24:



This is what canoeing in the dark looks like:20130729-102714.jpg

On the way home we stopped at Chutter’s, the longest candy counter in the world, aka, heaven on earth


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