Jaime Eason’s Livefit Trainer Update: Phase 3

This week I started phase 3 of Jaime Eason’s Livefit trainer program. Phase 3 incorporates more supersets and sets with active rest, so it’s much like interval training. The cardio portion is 30 minutes of sprints, 30 seconds off, and 30 seconds on. I set the treadmill to a fast pace and set my interval app to go off every 30 seconds so I know when I need to start and stop.

Interval app

Usually I despise the treadmill, but I’m definitely enjoying the sprints more than running at a set pace for a long period of time. I almost skipped my post-workout stretch since I was so eager to chug my protein shake. Best part of the workout! This was at 6:30 this morning. Good thing for Instagram filters or you’d be seeing a red-faced sweaty mess!


Random purchase of the week: I bought this balance disc for my chair at work. A few of my friends have one and it really helps with your posture and back problems, so we will see how it goes.


P.S. How is everyone faring in this extreme heat across the country? Thanks to AC, it’s not really affecting me…I still have to bring sweaters to work!

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