LiveFit update

I’m nearing the end of phase 2 (week 8) of the LiveFit program and I can already notice results from the added cardio. Next week I’ll begin phase 3 in which I’ll bump up the intensity on the cardio. This mornings workout was chest and abs followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical. I discovered the free wifi at the gym today, so I listened to my 90’s playlist on spotify. Venga Boys anyone?

I got a heart rate monitor for Christmas last year and used it for my living room workouts to make sure I was in the fat burning zone. I dusted it off and wore it to the gym today so I could compare lifting vs. HITT training.


I think I only burned 80 calories during 20 minutes of weight training, so I’m not sure how accurate this is because I know I was working harder than that! I obviously burned more calories during cardio because my heart rate was up, but I’m pretty curious as to how many calories weight training really burns.

Does anyone know anything about this?

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