thinking in tweet speak

On the way to the gym the other day, I saw a cardinal. Five seconds later I came across a doe standing in the road. I immediately started composing a tweet in my head. When I reached for my phone, I stopped myself. Why do I need to tweet about this? Would anyone really care about the woodland creatures I encounter in my life? I mean, yeah maybe if it’s a two headed deer or something…but people in this area see normal headed deer all the time. Big whoop.

The sad thing is, I do this all the time. I think in tweets and I see in instagrams. I don’t remember what it’s like to NOT automatically do that. I’m pretty good with my social media posts. I rarely post to facebook (remember the time I went 9 months without it?), and I tweet only when it’s really funny or entertaining. I’m not the worst social media offender, that’s for sure. But I need to stop thinking in tweet speak.

Am I the only person that does this? Make it stop!

2 thoughts on “thinking in tweet speak

  1. What you write about is so true. Hadn’t seen my 17 year old granddaughter in 3 years and upon visiting after traveling 2500 miles, I got a “Hi Grandma” and then she was behind her Ipod for two hours. My daughter laid down the law but that didn’t last. She was tweeting and texting for three days. The kicker came when she text’d her brother across the table from her! What has happened to communication, aah! I’m reconsidering my Will, 🙂 Too harsh? 🙂 Blessings,

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