For so long I had wanted more than what I’ve got. I was spoiled as a child, and had more toys than I could count, yet there was always something I didn’t have that someone else did. When I was a teenager, I couldn’t wait to be older and have my own car, apartment, life…etc. (but what teen doesn’t want those things?) In college, I counted down the days until graduation. I was ready to be an adult and just wanted out of the dorm life.

Now I’m apparently an adult, and when you are an adult, you do adult things. These things include: getting married, buying a house, getting a dog, having babies, posting photos of all these things on every platform of social media. I’ll be 25 this month. I haven’t done any of these things, and that’s okay. While it’s easy to feel jealous of others and anticipate the future, I’m actually quite content with the way things are now. I may have brief spurts of anger at our tiny apartment while I’m jamming all our winter coats into a broom closet, but I tell myself that one day, I’ll look back and miss our tiny apartment. I’ll miss having just three rooms to clean, and I’ll miss our cute street with the nature path by the lake.


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