fourth of july weekend

Monday, monday. Bring on the negative attitude tweets and status’s! Actually, I welcomed this monday with open arms. Mondays remind us why we need to take time to enjoy our weekends. I was ready to get back to work after my 4-day weekend, so I can be ready for another weekend in 5 days.

road race results

On the 4th, I woke up early to bust out arms and abs at the gym before the road race. When I emerged from the gym at 7:00 am, the heat was oppressive. It was even hotter by the time the race started, at 9:30. My goal was to just finish the damn thing without stopping…or dying. The first mile was alright, and the adrenaline and excitement kept me going. People aimed garden hoses into the street to cool off the runners, so I ran through every single one. The second mile was rough, but I pulled through. Coming up on the finish line I wanted to sprint, but I knew that if I did I would definitely throw up. I immediately sought water, and then discovered a VitaCoco stand shining like a beacon in the distance. I finished in 21 minutes flat, which is 3 minutes less than the first time I ran it ten years ago! I’m really glad I ran the road race again, but I think next year I’ll pay more attention to the weather forecast before I sign up.

the before picture:


and after:


After the race, DK and I headed up north in his new truck. We got there just in time for dinner, and then watched a wonderful fireworks show to celebrate Independence Day.


We had planned to go hiking on friday, but it was just way too hot so I ended up hanging around the camp trying to avoid the mosquitos and deer flies. Check out this cool moth we found by the pond:


Does anyone know what this is? I’ve never seen it before!

I went home saturday and spent the day at my mom’s pool, then had sushi and a movie night with the girls. The next day was also spent at the pool, followed by some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I finally asked about the almond butter shortage, and they explained that they’re only getting one case a day, and I can call and reserve a jar or just come around 8pm when they have the new shipment in.

Seriously though, if you know what kind of bug that is, let me know!

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