food you won’t find in my kitchen

I try REALLY hard to avoid eating processed foods. Obviously in this world it’s basically impossible to eat 100% organic, all natural, non GMO, etc, so I do have some processed items in my pantry. I try to find the best options with the least ingredients…but the things listed below I avoid like the plague.


I don’t drink soda or juice because of the high sugar content. I’d rather eat my calories instead of drink them, so I drink water. However, at any given time will find beer and a jug of Arizona Arnold Palmer for DK. Occasionally he will buy some Coke to make a rum & Coke, but that’s pretty rare.


If I bought these, they wouldn’t last very long. If I want cookies, I make my own and that way I know I’m still being healthy while treating myself at the same time.


Like cookies, these are a waste of calories. If we had a bag of chips laying around, they’d likely be eaten on the couch after dinner. Mindless eating is BAD. We don’t need these.

white bread

Just…no. I loved white bread as a child, gorging on it whenever I went to a friend’s house since my mom only bought wheat. Then I got braces, and eating a turkey sandwich on white became an awful experience. Why is white bread so sticky? Because it ain’t real food yo.

“low-fat” frozen meals

There was a time when I ate Lean Cuisine for lunch on a daily basis. Eventually I got sick of them, and then physically sick after eating them. I realized how unhealthy they are despite their claims. The only frozen meal I buy is an Indian dish from Trader Joe’s once every blue moon, since it’s cheaper than going to the buffet and half the calories.


I used to make pasta allll the time. I bought Smart Taste because I thought it was, well, smart. Until I actually looked at the ingredients. Instead, I make rice or quinoa, and sometimes soba noodles. Now we don’t even need the pasta!

Food you might find in my kitchen:

premade pizza crust

A few times a month I buy this because, well…who doesn’t love pizza? Making my own pizza allows me to choose the best ingredients and yummy toppings like sliced grape tomatoes and sauteed spinach. Yes it is still processed crust and sauce, but it’s better than what you’d find in a frozen pizza! Most pizza sauces have lots of added sugar, so I pick the one with the least amount of ingredients and lowest sugar.

Bread crumbs

I hate that there’s no healthy version of these, unless I make my own. I still buy them for nights when we need that extra oomph on some baked chicken.

chocolate treats

Sometimes these magically find their way into my cart. They claim to be made with real fruit juices, but that doesn’t mean they’re healthy! It’s okay though, because they taste like little bursts of sweet chocoaltey paradise. Everyone needs a treat now and then!

What kinds of items do you refuse to buy? Do you buy the same things each week?

6 thoughts on “food you won’t find in my kitchen

  1. I try to steer clear of the soda and juice as well, but will occasionally buy 100% not from concentrate apple juice to use in fruit smoothies. Processed foods are something I try to stay away from, but my 18-year-old brother tends to sneak a few frozen pizzas and other frozen things in the cart every now and then haha – so I just try to stock up on healthy options to avoid the temptation

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