thoughts on juice fasting

I’ve never tried a juice fast/cleanse, but I know people who have and I’ve read all about it. At first, I wanted to try it. Then, I decided it was pointless, and I figured I’d just gain the weight back after the cleanse like any other diet. But juicing isn’t just for losing weight, it’s also a reboot to your insides, clearing out any toxins and junk. Last night DK and I watched a documentary called “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead.” I’ve wanted to watch this for a while, so when we figured out how to watch amazon prime on our PS3, I was pumped to see it in the movie section. Basically, this dude from Australia is overweight, has an autoimmune disease, and has to take a ton of meds each day. He goes on a 60 day juice cleanse (while traveling across the US) and ends up losing a ton of weight and curing himself. Here’s the trailer:

I found the documentary very inspiring and educational. I think an extreme juice fast like this is good for someone who is obese to get them started on the right track of living a healthy lifestyle. I don’t think I need a 60 day cleanse, but I’d like to try a week long cleanse   to “reboot.” Some people do this to lose weight, but they end up gaining it back. It doesn’t seem like a good weight loss tool, but rather a way to become a healthier person.

What are your thoughts on cleanses like these? Have you tried one?

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