the best pancakes ever

My bff has been raving about Justin’s maple almond butter, and since there’s been a shortage of my beloved TJ’s almond butter, I decided to pick some up. As soon as I got home I cracked it open and had a little taste…and then the angels sang and the almond gods played the flute on my taste buds. Yeah, it’s that good. I also picked up a couple individual packets of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter and I have great expectations for that experience.

Justin's Almond Butter

I’ve been eating oats for breakfast everyday the last few months instead of my usual protein smoothie, and today I decided to branch out again. I made these protein pancakes and topped them with the maple almond butter, bananas, and a touch of pure maple syrup. Once again, angels singing, taste bud explosion, etc. They were easy to make, cooked quickly, and unlike Bisquic, are a clean food. I’m thinking this will become the new staple breakfast item until I get sick of them, if that’s possible.

vanilla protein pancakes

What’s your go-to breakfast?

5 thoughts on “the best pancakes ever

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