we jammin’

Another fabulous weekend full of fantastic food and fun with friends! (Say that five times fast) On Friday we tried a new pizza place in Lowell. I indulged in a cucumber martini and a personal pizza topped with peppers, mushrooms and onions. They just opened, so I think they’re still getting the hang of things since we all got our food at different times (there was a big group of us), but it was delicious! After dinner, we walked over to a sports bar to watch the rest of the game so we could appropriately yell and cheer as the B’s dominated.


DK and I spent another Saturday in Maine this weekend, but this time we had a very special reason for our trip. Our friends just had their first baby boy! I was so captivated by his cuteness that I completely forgot to take pictures. After spending a few hours there, we stopped by Kittery on our way home to check out the trading post and have dinner. We ate at Robert’s Maine Grill which was AMAZING. From the moment I walked in, I knew it would be a good experience. The inside is clean looking but cute and homey, and the restaurant overlooks the marsh. I enjoyed a red sangria and of course, the salmon for dinner. It came with asparagus, rice, and salsa and pesto which I could tell was homemade. I ate a little more than half of it and took the rest home.

Robert's Maine Grill

We rolled back into town around 7pm and grabbed Silver Linings Playbook from redbox. I read the book on vacation, and LOVED it. I’ve been anticipating the movie ever since, but I hate to say I was extremely disappointed. The movie was completely different! They used the basic plot of the book but changed the story around and made it so different. I had heard it was really good, but I guess those people didn’t read the book.

On Sunday DK and I slept in a little and then got our muck boots out for some strawberry picking at his uncle’s farm. Last week he told me the strawberry’s were ready for picking, and that same day Cassie posted this jam recipe on her blog. It only seemed kismet! I’ve been wanting to make some sort of jam for a while now, but most recipes require a million pounds of sugar to be added in the process. This recipe uses maple syrup instead of sugar, so of course I used our pure maple syrup from the trees at camp. Only two ingredients came from a factory: apple juice and balsamic vinegar. It came out great, and I love the fact that I know for sure that there isn’t any weird ingredients or refined sugar. Not bad for my first time!

strawberry picking

strawberry jam

strawberry balsamic jam (low sugar recipe!)

I couldn’t resist buying some gingham fabric to top the jars with…and of course I made some tags to complete the look. They’re so cute…I kind of just want to keep these out for decoration.

Have you ever made jam? How much sugar did you use?

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