pinterest fitness fails

pinterest fails

Pinterest was a huge source of motivation for me in my quest to be skinny. That’s the problem. I was bombarding myself with these images of thin girls and cupcakes with quotes that say “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Actually, lots of things taste as good as skinny feels. How can taste be related to what something feels like? And why do we focus so much on being skinny? All these thinspo and fitspo blogs are getting out of hand. We shouldn’t be focusing on being skinny or fit, we should be focusing on feeling good. Because even if you have the perfect body (according to what’s socially acceptable), you will have days where you still don’t feel perfect. Look out for these pinterest fails:

pinterest workouts

There are zillions of little circuit workouts in pretty colors and 10 fonts all over the Health section. They make claims that make the workout seem easier and faster. You know what I’m talking about…like the one that goes something like this: “Do this before every shower: 20 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, 100 crunches, 30 high knees, 40 toe touches, etc.” Obviously you will need to shower after a workout…but they make it sound like you can just do this naked on the bathmat in two minutes. A lot of these workouts don’t incorporate any weights, which is fine, but eventually the workout won’t be challenging for you and you will plateau. Some of them only concentrate on one muscle group and make false promises. You won’t get toned arms by doing your “tank top arms” workout everyday and nothing else. I’m not saying you should avoid all workouts on pinterest, just make sure you’re working every muscle group throughout the week.

Not all pins are bad, but don’t believe everything you read. Pin safely! Below is an example of a good pin, which brings me to my next pinterest fail topic.



I cannot tell you how much time I’ve spent pouring over images of skinny girls in bathing suits on pinterest. Yeah, it sounds weird right? When DK asked me what the hell I was looking at, I told him it was inspiration to motivate me. And it did motivate me, but when I still didn’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model after trying SO HARD, I got frustrated. And depressed. All I wanted to do was play games on my ipad and not think about anything. Playing games kept me off pinterest, and instead of focusing on how wide my hips are, I noticed how flat my stomach had gotten. I could almost see abs! THIS motivation was far more powerful than any other kind. I learned to accept my body for what it is. Everyone is shaped differently, and there is no right or wrong shape. I will never be rail thin, and I will never be ripped like a fitness model. I can only be what I make myself, and I think I’m doing a good job so far.

What do you use as a source of fitspo?

5 thoughts on “pinterest fitness fails

  1. This is a really great post – and I don’t think thinspo/fitspo is restricted to pinterest, blogs are rife with them too (I’ve had to figure out which blogs promote positive thinking within myself & drop away the ones that ‘inspire’ me through negative and unhealthy thought patterns). I also try not to read ‘beauty’ magazines either as it is just completely unrealistic. The ‘fit’ model of today can be just an unobtainable as the ‘skinny’ model back in the day and I think you’re right on about the priority being feeling good about ourselves… Nice one :)!

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  3. I use crossfit as my motivator. Being strong & reaching athletic goals has made me more aware of what our bodies are capable of & there’s no one way a body will look. No use in saying I want my arms to look like that, I don’t want to look like this. Just do the work & your body will become what it’s meant to be! Strong! I pinned an article about thinspo & how we need pix of women doing strong things, not skinny Vs models. Either way, looking at women who are fit or skinny will not make you such, doing your workout & eating healthy will!

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