first official summer weekend

Ok so it’s not technically summer yet, but it was 90 degrees this weekend and I loved it. I spent my time with wonderful people, in beautiful places, eating delicious food. On Saturday, we headed up to Maine for some beach action.

20130603-103032.jpgI brought grapes, watermelon, rice cakes, and a Larabar to munch on as well as tons of water to stay hydrated. (currently obsessed with the Cashew Cookie Larabar…only two ingredients)

20130603-103056.jpgOne of my favorite things to sketch is people at the beach. It’s perfect because they don’t move. Mitchell said I was probably “sketching them out.” Ha..ha. After a few hours of sunshine we felt pretty cooked and decided to pack up and walk around town. We ended up at the Oarweed, where I devoured the best lobster salad in the world.

20130603-103105.jpgI had a few sips of DK’s beer but chugged two waters as well…laying in the sun all day is hard work. The view wasn’t bad either:

20130603-103124.jpgAfter lunch, we stumbled upon a candy shop and I indulged in some peach rings, a raspberry fruit slice, a homemade peanut butter cup, and a raspberry truffle. I was planning on saving the truffle, but I figured it would melt on the walk back and ended up eating it anyways.

20130603-103116.jpgOur weekends are filling up fast for this summer, and it kills me to spend 40 hours a week in a cube, with no windows. I have to squeeze in everything so not one minute of this weather is wasted. I can’t get enough of it. Some things on the list: canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, more beach time, weekend trips, 5ks, pooltime, my birthday, outdoor dinners, cookouts, watermelon martinis, etc.

Why can’t everyday be summer?

2 thoughts on “first official summer weekend

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