back on track, again

Sometimes you think you’ve fallen off the horse, but you’re actually hanging from the saddle by the foot with your head inches from the ground. I knew I had my work cut out for me after vacation, but I didn’t think it would take a whole month to get back into the swing of things. We headed up north for the long weekend, and since it was raining the whole time, we had to pass on our annual hike and instead remained inside the cabin all weekend. This meant I was always within eyesight of an array of treats, so of course I stuffed my face all weekend. As I was munching away on brownies and cake, I wondered where my willpower went. It was easy to avoid these things when I had a tropical vacation on the horizon, and now we’re coming up on bathing suit season and I seem to have left my abs in the Dominican Republic. I decided to start tracking my food again to help me get…back on track (ha).

Shots from the weekend:


20130529-112942.jpgSee how fat I got?


Snow on the mountain…in MAY.


Oats and egg whites to start the day.


Back on track. Not counting calories, so ignore that number because it is unrealistic. Just tracking what I’m eating so I don’t have three pieces of cake in one sitting again (stop having birthdays, people!). In related news, Trader Joe’s frozen mango chunks are AMAZING. I put some on my yogurt and they are thawed out by the time I eat it. No more peeling and cutting slippery mangos for this girl! Oh, and they’re cheaper too. Win.


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