making changes

I’m a big advocate of the philosophy of making a change if you’re unhappy. I have no pity for depressing people who constantly complain about their problems but do nothing to fix them. It pains me to admit that I’ve been acting like one of those people for some time now.


The thing is, I have no reason to be so unhappy. I’m in a loving relationship, I’m surrounded by supportive friends and family, and I have a job that pays the bills. I have a roof over my head (cue Darius Rucker), food in my pantry, and more than enough clothing to keep me warm. I’ve got everything I need and more, so why can’t I enjoy it?

A few months ago, I had given myself the task of managing a blog as well as updating my portfolio website, along with my full time job and freelance clients. That’s a lot of work and a lot of computer time. I was working all day, and coming home only to open my laptop to do more work. Instead of doing fun activities, whatever they may be, I overwhelm myself with tasks and projects. Weekends are for cleaning, working, grocery shopping, and food prep. When a social activity presents itself, anxiety takes over and I flip through excuses in my head of why I shouldn’t participate. I need to save money, I can’t overeat, I can’t stay up late or I won’t make it to the gym, etc. It just goes on and on.


So I decided to make some changes. First, I signed up for a pottery class. I’ve had a passion for ceramics since I took my first class when I was 12. Two years later I was the teacher’s assistant at summer art camp, and then in college, I took classes as electives and even considered changing my major. Working on a computer can make you feel like a zombie, and there’s nothing like being elbows deep in a mound of clay and transforming it into something beautiful and functional.

handmade mugs

The second change is a big one. I joined a gym. Well, I haven’t joined yet, but I’ve been trying gyms in my area before I decide which one to join. I just finished a two week trial at the most popular gym, the one all my friends go to. I did the bodypump class three times, which I LOVED, except they only switch the routine every month. I did a leg workout with Steph, as well as biceps and triceps a separate time. She showed me how to use the machines and really made me feel comfortable there. The only problem is that it’s 20 minutes away, so tonight I’ll be trying the gym DK goes to, which is much closer to home. We’ll see how it goes!

 Have you made changes to improve your happiness? What changes did you make?

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