falling off the horse

Hello. Hi there. It’s been a while. I guess you could say I fell into a bout of post-vacation depression over the last few days. We traveled home last Tuesday, and I had woken up with some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning (combined with a hangover), so lucky me got to endure two flights and a four hour layover while feeling like death. When we boarded our flight home from Miami, I was wondering what I had done to deserve such misery, and then the pilot announced that the flight wouldn’t be full and we could spread out if we wanted to. And that’s exactly what I did. I laid across two seats and slept in DK’s lap the whole flight home.

The next four days, I felt miserable and couldn’t eat without feeling nauseous. Oh, and my allergies were kicking my ass. So I wasn’t eating right, I wasn’t working out because I had no energy, and I couldn’t think straight because of my allergies. As a result, I started eating junk to make myself feel better when I actually was hungry. I had doughnuts, cookies, a bagel, a snickers bar, pizza, a burrito, quesadillas, a margarita (thanks, Cinco de Mayo), cake, froyo…even a soda at one point. All within four days. I wasn’t blogging either, and I had planned to post a recap of our trip the day after we returned. I felt awful physically and even worse mentally.

back on track

I finally felt well enough to workout yesterday, so I went to the gym with my friend and busted out a killer leg workout (thanks Steph!). Afterwards, I felt 100% better and back to my pre-vacation self. DK and I had eaten a late lunch, so I made a post-workout protein shake for dinner and then we snacked on raw green beans on the couch.

so how was the trip?

It was a blast. I relaxed and had fun with my best friends, and though I’ll probably never go back to Punta Cana (not the best island I’ve been to), it was definitely a much needed vacation. The resort was beautiful, and we even upgraded our room to an ocean view.


Hanging out at the swim-up bar

Swim Up bar

Getting a couples massage with my other half

Drinking straight from a coconut that was chopped down and hacked open just for me

Coconut drink

Meeting a British guy and reciting Harry Potter spells with him

Swimming in a cave

Cave swimming

Driving dune buggies around the island

Dune Buggies

Bonding and laughing with my best friends the entire time

staying healthy

I had good intentions on staying healthy during the trip. I brought a printout of this workout from one of my favorite blogs and actually did it once (better than not at all!)

travel workout

I packed apples, carrots, and trail mix for the plane, and I even had overnight oats in the car on the way to the airport (at 3am!). I had an omelet at the airport during our layover (cough-and a bloody mary), and my trail mix later on. Then we got to the resort. Our vacation was wonderful, but my only issue was the food. It was all inclusive, so I didn’t have any high expectations to begin with, but it just wasn’t great. I tried sticking with hard boiled eggs, fruit and cottage cheese for breakfast, but I ended up having some pancakes with nutella and lots of croissants.


The lunch buffet was difficult for a healthy eater since they only offered lettuce and cucumbers at the “salad bar,” so I indulged in pizza and chips with guac along with ice cream for dessert. (“I’M ON VACATION!”) The drinks were served in a dixie cup with lots of ice, and the frozen drinks came straight from a machine. I’m not a fan of mixed drinks at any establishment but my kitchen, so I had to suck it up anyway and get used to it. I think I can blame the sugary drinks for my constant stomach pains while I was there!

Punta Cana

Needless to say, I am glad to be back into my usual routine. I really missed my ezekiel bread and organic peanut butter. Those icky days after vacation were awful and I never want to feel like that again. Sometimes I forget how far I’ve come on the spectrum of healthy living. I don’t eat healthy just to be thin, I do it to feel good physically and mentally.

5 thoughts on “falling off the horse

  1. Looks like you had a blast! Sorry to hear you got sick though but glad you’re feeling better 🙂 I find it super hard to try and stay healthy whilst on holiday (especially on those all-inclusive get ups where everything is out of your control) but think it’s a great idea that you tried to prepare by taking healthy foods and a work-out (I’m going to try to do these for my summer holiday!). And I think the key is just moving on when you get home and starting a-fresh… I love that part 🙂

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