Trader Joe’s healthy staple items

The bulk of my grocery shopping is done at Market Basket because it’s cheap and convenient. However, I’m very particular about some of my staples, so every other week I head to Trader Joe’s to stock up on my favorite things. This is what a typical TJ’s trip looks like:

trader joe's favorites

Shopping list:


They are cheap here and they don’t sell this brand at Market Basket, so I buy at least three bunches for baking and smoothies.

Ezekiel Bread

This bread is made from sprouted grain and not full of processed ingredients, so it is extremely good for you. It keeps in the freezer so I usually buy two loaves. Also cheaper here than at Market Basket!

Almond Butter

They have the best and cheapest almond butter, so I always stock up. It’s hard to find raw almond butter at this price!


They also have the best tasting unsalted roasted almonds! I keep these in jars at home and at work for a quick healthy snack.

Chicken/Vegetable Stock

Again, these are cheaper here than the grocery store, and they’re organic.

Lite Coconut Milk

I use this for my butternut squash soup and other things, so I always keep a couple cans in the pantry.

Coconut Oil

I don’t need to buy this every week, but I use it for cooking as well as cosmetic purposes. It’s a great moisturizer and make-up remover!


I do buy chicken at the grocery store, but when it’s a TJ’s week I take advantage of their organic meat selection.

Dark Chocolate

I didn’t buy any this time because I’m cracking down until vacation, but usually I get some high quality dark chocolate for when a craving strikes. It’s a much better alternative to a snickers bar.

There you have it! It’s not much, but these ingredients are the foundation to most things I eat. Cooking with coconut oil, soups with vegetable stock and coconut milk, breakfast with ezekiel bread and almond butter, almonds for snacks, and bananas in cookies and smoothies!

My recipes that use these items:

Green Smoothie

PB Smoothie

Frozen PB cup

butternut squash soup

What are your thoughts on Trader Joe’s and other health food stores?

6 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s healthy staple items

  1. My town does not have a Trader Joes, though I really wish we did!! Whenever I visit my sister in Chicago, we make part of my trip a stop to Trader Joes, where I stock up! Love Trader Joes. In my town we have HyVee, which has a health food market, this is where I get most of my clean staples. Do you know any other brands of bread with few ingredients? I am having a hard time finding any without a really long list…I may have to resort to making my own…

    • Hi Sarah! I also use a website called (I wrote a post about it here) and I really love ordering from them. The best part- it’s way cheaper than anywhere else! I just re-ordered the organic peanut butter and dried cranberries, along with some plant based protein powder. It’s hard to find a good protein powder!

  2. TJs is awesome! I’m from Colorado so we don’t have them up there but when I moved to Arizona they are all over the place. I know its not the healthiest thing but I am obsessed with their cookie butter!!! I can only buy one jar every few months because i could eat the whole thing in one sitting

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