first run of the season

I like to think of myself as a seasonal runner. I refuse to run outside in temperatures below 55 degrees, and I have no interest in the treadmill. So that only leaves a few months out of the year for prime running weather, and today’s running conditions could not be more perfect. I woke up yesterday morning with P90X yoga on the schedule, and after a half hour I said screw it and turned it off. I’ve made it through ten and a half weeks of the program without missing a workout, and I’m getting SO sick of the yoga, so I felt I deserved a break! At work, I ate my weight in coconut m&m’s (not even delicious), so when I got home I really needed to burn it off and de-stress. Going for a run seemed like the perfect solution, because of the weather but also because of recent events.

I set off with no expectations, just to try my best. During the first mile, I was burping up those dang m&m’s, my headband kept sliding off, and my capris kept sliding down. At the second mile, I made it to the trail and headed into the woods. When I came to the fork near the old landfill, I had two options: continue on the path into the woods, or climb the massive hill and come out the other side. I chose the hill and sprinted up it, remembering the last time I did this with DK along side me yelling at me to push harder. When I reached the top, I thought I was going to pass out but at the same time felt AMAZING. I ran down the other side and back into the woods, where I was greeted with this beautiful scene:

photo 2

My favorite place in the whole world, and not a single soul on the trail but me and the wildlife. For some reason, my running app wasn’t talking to me like it usually does, so I had no idea how far I’d gone or what my pace was. I knew it was more than two miles, but it didn’t matter. In the past when I start running in the spring I could barely do a mile, and now here I am, sprinting up hills. When I made it home, I checked my app and realized I’d gone just about 3 miles. Success! Running, I missed you. I’m sorry it’s been so long.

Do you like running? Do you hate it?

Read my background story about how I got into running here.

2 thoughts on “first run of the season

  1. Your trail looks absolutely stunning! Sometimes you really just can’t beat a run in beautiful surroundings 🙂 I’m a fair-weather runner too, and have starting going outdoors more and more… It can still occasionally be a love-hate relationship but like you mentioned in your other post the ‘runner’s high’ really is something which can’t be surpassed!

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