For Boston

The tragic events at the Boston Marathon have not left my mind since I found out yesterday at 3pm. I am overcome with emotions. I am disgusted, I am sad, I am shocked, and I am angry. Bad things are happening, and I don’t know if they’ve always happened this often and I hear about them because I’m older now, but it feels like too much. Nowhere is safe. Planes, elementary schools, movie theaters, and now the streets of Boston, the city I know and love.

Just a few hours after the incident, disturbing images and videos were already surfacing on the internet, along with angry comments about their presence. I understand how these images can be upsetting, but at the same time, people need to understand the seriousness of this. It’s one thing to hear about an explosion, and it’s another to actually see what has happened to our city. When I saw one of the first images of the sidewalk with blood everywhere, my first thought was that it was red paint. Isn’t that weird? Of course when I saw the other images of people, I knew it wasn’t real.

I felt helpless. A flood of “pray for Boston” tweets appeared on my social media feeds along with more photos and news clips. What does praying do? I needed to do something tangible to help, so this morning I donated to the Greg Hill Foundation. All the money raised will go to the victims of yesterdays attack. If you’re interested in donating, please do so here.

My heart and thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragic event. The Boston Marathon will never be the same again. We are a strong city, and we will heal, but never forget.

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