checking in

Happy hump day! Just thought I’d check in since I’ve been posting so many recipes lately. We had a pretty relaxing weekend that included lots and lots of shopping and great food. Friday night we went to the Yard House at Legacy Place with M&M. (DK’s brother, Mitchell, and his girlfriend Michelle. I call them M&M. I also have a friend named Robin who is dating a Rob. Maybe I should change my name to Donna so we can be Donnie and Donna?) Anyway, Yard House was pretty busy so we walked around and shopped a bit while we waited for a table. I found a scarf with bikes on it at Urban Outfitters. I’m pretty pumped about it. When we got our table, I ordered a nice piece of striped bass with brown rice and bok choy. Delicious! I wasn’t going to take a photo, but Mitchell insisted:

yard house meal

On Saturday DK and I made the drive to our favorite cafe again. Seriously, Starbucks ain’t got NOTHIN on this place. I enjoyed a “toffee lover’s” latte made with almond milk while we people watched and planned our day. We decided to go to Trader Joe’s and get some essentials before splitting up so he could do man things while I shopped with my friends. I ended up getting some good stuff as well as quality time with the girls. 

I was exhausted when I got home so I whipped up some chicken fried rice and we rented This is 40 on demand. Is it bad that I can already relate to this movie? It was pretty funny, definitely not as good as Knocked Up, but I was entertained.

We had a laid back Easter Sunday this year since both our families were traveling. We just hung out and had a Game of Thrones marathon with Steph. Is anyone else completely obsessed with this show? I watched the first and second seasons while I was snowed in last month but DK was plowing, so we started from the beginning. At 9:00, DK went to bed and Steph and I watched the season premiere of season three. I cannot wait until next sunday!! 

Exercise & Eats

I’m still going strong with P90X, haven’t missed a day! I’m definitely pushing myself and it feels good to meet my goals. Still struggling a bit with keeping the sweet cravings at bay…during our Game of Thrones marathon I ate half a thing of break and bake cookies and felt awful after. That’s like, a dozen cookies or something. Why do I do that? Monday was the start of a new week, and a new month. I’ve been doing good since then, and I really want to make it until vacation without binging. It’s 21 days. I can do this.

I’ve got a number of delicious recipes coming up on the bandit, so stay tuned!

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