blueberry muffin oats

It is extremely important to eat at least a half hour after waking to get your metabolism started. You want to start the day with big healthy meal so you’re not ravenous for anything edible later on in the day. Remember to drink a large glass of water too, as your body is dehydrated from going so long without it.

As a teenager, I was a big advocate of skipping breakfast, but I know better now. I’m no good until I have food in my stomach! I’ve been getting full use of my smoothie/oatmeal bar, and last weekend I enjoyed some oats with blueberries. It tasted just like a blueberry muffin! Don’t be fooled by single-packet oatmeal. They usually contain added sugar and preservatives. Even Kashi, my old standby, uses GMO’s. Make sure you buy JUST oats, nothing added.

blueberry muffin oats

Blueberry muffin oats

Bring to boil 1 cup of water in a small sauce pan. Add 1/2 cup of oats and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes, until the water is absorbed. Pour into a bowl and stir in 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 tablespoon almond butter, 1 teaspoon ground flaxseed, and 1 teaspoon chia seeds. Top with blueberries and agave nectar.

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