the trouble with social media

About a week ago I reactivated my facebook account, which had been deactivated since June of last year. Why go so long without it? I’ll tell you: it did not benefit my life in any way.

why I deactivated

Most people my age have had some form of social media in their lives since high school. For this generation, it basically started with AIM in middle school. We never had a chance to live without social media. These days, you can’t even live for five minutes without being on the internet. Seriously, people have babies and two seconds later their photo is on facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. as soon as they’re born! When you actually stop and think about this, it’s kind of disgusting. In five years some kid will want to see her baby pictures, and her mother will open the laptop and log in to facebook. When I was a kid, all I had to do was go through the millions of boxes my mother had to see old photos (as long as I kept them in order).

Back to highschool. It started with Livejournal. What a horrible thing to have during the teen years. A place where you write about your problems and trash other people, and even if you make your page private, there’s this thing called copy and paste and bad friends. Even when no one was trash talking, it wasn’t fun to read about your friends having fun without you.

Simultaneously, we had myspace. I had my top friends in order on my page, my default photo was artsy but not too weird, and I of course had song lyrics hinting about whatever drama was going on in my life. I checked my friends pages to see if I was in their top friend list. I was hurt if I didn’t make the list, even if I wasn’t that close with them. Myspace caused a lot of drama, and looking back now, I really wish it never existed. It didn’t benefit my high school self at all.

Enter facebook, just in time for college. It was shiny and new and only for college students. And you could have photo albums! Genius! After freshmen orientation, my friend count soared. I was excited and nervous to start college but at least I had this great tool to help me meet people. Pre-facebook, you meet your roommate on the first day, with a real first impression. Now you can find them on facebook and learn all about them before you meet!

I have a feeling there weren’t too many photo shoots at college parties pre-facebook. In the facebook era, the party revolves around the camera. “Take one of me chugging this handle of vodka! Ok, now kissy face!” Everything you do at a party is to impress the camera, or to impress your friends who will see the photos on facebook.

No one gets to live in the moment anymore. It’s all about how you’re going to display yourself on the internet. You go to that new hip bar to instagram your craft beer. Someone cuts you off on the highway and you give them the finger just so you can tweet about it. You NEVER wear the same outfit more than once in case it ends up on Facebook.

why I reactivated

Starting a blog without social media was tough. I only used pinterest and instagram to promote it, and that only did so much. A friend posted my blog on their facebook page and my views tripled for that day. I realized sooner or later, I would have to make facebook and twitter pages for my blog. Three months later I finally bit the bullet. I reentered into the world of social media with a purpose, to inspire others to live a fit and healthy life. You’ll notice the new section on the right that houses all my links. Feel free to like me, follow me, tweet me, etc! I would be eternally grateful.

pomegranate bandit on facebook

3 thoughts on “the trouble with social media

  1. I got rid of facebook for about 6-7 months. It was nice and annoying at the same time. I read a lot more and was more productive with my time, but some of my friends texted me asking if I had died or something because I wasn’t on facebook anymore.

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