too much fun (and a monday mood booster)

A bit of honesty:

I typically don’t do much on weekends. I have a routine that includes a trip to Marshalls, TJMaxx, or Home Goods (or all three), working out, grocery shopping, and cooking, followed by a night of catching up on the DVR. I don’t enjoy dark noisy bars because I don’t enjoy drinking wine out of a dixie cup and I like to have conversations with my friends without yelling. I try to keep the alcoholic beverages to a minimum anyways, since I’d rather eat my calories. Well, this weekend, I drank and ate LOTS of calories. And it was okay. On Friday night, I ate an entire individual veggie pizza. With a glass of red wine.

photo 1

Then on Saturday night I had an awesome time bowling with my friends and even had a few vodka/club soda/lime’s. The fun continued on Sunday at my favorite cafe with a spinach & feta egg sandwich and a peanut butter cup latte. (first coffee in two months)

photo 2

We ditched our grocery shopping plans and went straight to the outlets for some vacation shopping. I had froyo for lunch, and decided that’s where I would end my little sugar streak. When I got home, I started week 6 of P90X and completed a great workout. We had been invited to our friend’s for some BBQ wings, so I grabbed a bag of baby carrots and red bell pepper to eat on the way over. We played darts, had some wings, and a very nice evening. Then DK decided HE wanted froyo, so we headed to yobite! to check out the new digs. (Nice job H!) I decided I would make myself a small cup with only fruit toppings. And then I saw the hot fudge. So, that happened. Then DK wanted to stop for gum on the way home. Really?

This is the part where I behave like a crack addict (that’s addicted to sugar) and I proceed to buy some candy fruit slices and a little bag of Cadbury mini eggs (because you can’t NOT have them at least once this time of year) and eat them on the way home. What happened? Why couldn’t I just be satisfied with the froyo? This is why I believe sugar is a drug. And I’m being completely honest here and telling you this embarrassing story because I bet you’ve done the same thing, and you’re not alone. Or maybe to you this is normal. Actually, it is normal for some people, but it’s not an excuse for me because my goal is to NOT do what I did this weekend.

Now, I can sit here and think of all the things I shouldn’t have done, and how this is affecting my meals because I still haven’t gone grocery shopping, or I can just get over it. I messed up a little bit, but it’s okay. I found some sweet sunglasses at the outlets. I had the latte I’ve been craving for weeks. I actually had a FUN weekend instead of working on my computer and sitting on the couch each night. I have one month until vacation, and now it’s full steam ahead. I can feel the results of P90X, now it’s time to push even harder to get where I want to be.

Congratulations if you’ve made it through that whole thing! Now, this:

Happy Monday.

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