good things about cold weather

photo 3

This New England weather is really taking it’s toll on me. We’ve had more major snowstorms than I can count, and while snow plow business is booming for my boyfriend, we’re both just done. Spring officially “started” Wednesday, so of course when I left the house for work, I slipped on black ice and ripped open my knee. I sat in my car and called DK crying. Later, I realized I wasn’t crying from the pain, but because I just can’t take anymore snow and ice. Since I can’t change the weather patterns, all I can do is be optimistic and think of all the reasons why cold weather is GOOD. Here’s what I came up with:

  • It’s still scarf season, my favorite accessory. I retired my knit cowls until next year, but now I’m all about the lightweight scarves.
  • Pale is in. I’m white and pasty and I’m OWNING it, like Emma Stone and Anne Hathaway.
  • Why bother with a pedicure when you’re feet haven’t seen the light of day in seven months?
  • I can get away with not shaving my legs for a very long time and still wear dresses. I owe it all to my fleece lined tights. (although not good for when you slip on ice)
  • I can enjoy a hot green tea without sweating like a fat guy bingeing at IHOP.

photo 2

  • BOOTS! I love boots almost as much as scarves. I’ve definitely got my money’s worth on these babies.
  • Snuggling. Because it’s so much better when baby it’s cold outside.
  • Working in a cubicle is almost bearable because I’m not tempted to go outside and enjoy the weather when it’s 10 degrees. I’d rather stare at my photo of Isola Bella and pretend I’m in Sicily.

photo 4

  • I can go grocery shopping and not worry about things melting or spoiling while I pop into another store on the way home.
  • No hot car seat! And no painfully peeling your butt off said car seat when you get out.

What do you like about the cold weather?

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