monday mood booster

Laughter is good. Especially on Mondays, when you just want to cry or jump out the window head first. Lately I’ve been cruising Pinterest when I need a good laugh, the humor category never fails me. Starting this week, I’ll be doing a Monday Mood Booster. I know the day’s almost over, but I bet you need those laughs even more now!

DK and I each have a completely different sense of humor. A few months ago he somehow convinced me to watch Grown-Ups.

Me: “The previews looked really stupid, I have no desire to watch that.”
DK: “No I heard it was really funny please lets watch it pleeeease.”
Me: “Fine.”

He laughed hysterically through the whole thing and I barely cracked a smile. A similar situation happened last week with “That’s my boy.” I’m noticing a trend with Adam Sandler’s latest movies. After the movie I was playing around on my iPad and found this.

We watched all the dancing bird videos, and I laughed the ENTIRE time. Yup. That’s all it takes for me. I don’t know, birds are just so funny! They’re definitely the second funniest animal. After cats, of course.


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