pizza fail

DK and I love pizza. We have pizza night once every other week. I was buying pre-made crust, but I really want to stray from that and start making my own. I tried a cauliflower crust recipe that tasted like a sponge, and then we tried Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough but it came out a bit too…doughy. So last night, I tried a new recipe made from flax meal. Our beautiful pizza in all its glory:


Can you tell who’s side is who’s? We each took a bite and…eh. Sponge crust, again! I mean, it was bearable, and the sweet peppers distracted my tastebuds from the cardboardy crust, but it wasn’t worth the trouble.


See the spongey-ness? Maybe I just didn’t bake it long enough, I don’t know. I ate pizza toppings for dinner, and DK ended up ordering this:


So the moral of the story is not every recipe turns out amazing on the first try. I have a lot of mediocre dinners that aren’t blog-worthy, but at least I tried, right? So don’t avoid the kitchen if you’re afraid of messing something up, because it’s inevitable. When you finally get it right, it’s 100% worth the trial and error.

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