how to order sushi with fitness in mind

I decided to scrap our dinner plans last night and go grab some sushi at our favorite place down the street. Many people think sushi is healthy because it looks healthy, and it’s raw. And it creeps people out, so it must be healthy! Unfortunately it’s not that simple. These are my guidelines for ordering sushi:

  • I start with miso soup, it’s light and low in the calorie department
  • Avoid anything on the menu that says”fried” or “tempura.”
  • Avoid the Philly Roll. I know it’s delicious…but come on. Cream cheese is not healthy.
  • Stick with simple rolls that have few ingredients, stay away from the specials because they usually pile them with sugary sauces and tempura
  • If you do get the soup, two sushi rolls (6 pieces each) should be plenty. Don’t order too much or you’ll stuff yourself!
  • Ask if you can have it made with brown rice. White rice has no nutritional value.
  • Don’t use soy sauce. If you must, just use a drop from your chopstick, don’t dunk the whole roll.
  • Try not to have a bite of your boyfriend’s giant entree or you’ll be shoveling it into your mouth faster than you can say pork fried rice. Or maybe you’re not like me and you have self control, so then go for it!

You may find that these guidelines limit your options quite a bit. Sometimes I bend the rules and allow myself one cheat. For example, I’ll order a salmon maki and sweet potato maki but because it’s fried, I’ll make sure I order it made with brown rice and I won’t add any soy sauce. The place we went to last night doesn’t do brown rice, so I made sure not to order anything fried and skipped the soy sauce as well.

photo 1

I ordered negi-hama maki (yellowtail & scallion) and new york maki (salmon, apple, & avocado).

photo 2

2 thoughts on “how to order sushi with fitness in mind

  1. HI! What a lovely surprise! Thanks so much for following my blog, you are my 170th follower now. You have such a versatile blog I wish I had known you when I posted my Versatile Blogger nominations a few weeks back! Thanks for passing on all the great healthy advice and I’ll look forward to reading your blog as well.

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