visual motivation

Finding motivation to lose weight can be tough. Wanting to be thin is motivation in itself, but it gets frustrating when you realize it won’t happen overnight. You might give up and convince yourself you can’t do it. I made a decision to be healthy and toned, and though it took years of learning, it was worth the hard work.

I don’t believe you can get very far without getting involved in educating yourself. If you hate cooking, I’m willing to bet it’s because you don’t know how. I chose to educate myself on fitness and nutrition. I didn’t always have the most accurate information, but over time I learned what’s best for my body. I traded my subscription for Cosmo to Shape magazine. I started working out more. I enjoyed reading articles, books, magazines, and fitness blogs of other girls my age. Pinterest opened up a whole new world (a magic place I never knew…) to “fitspiration” blogs and healthy recipes. Once I was immersed in it, I became genuinely interested in fitness and I was hungry for more information, and I still am. It’s amazing what a change in attitude can accomplish.


I use myfitnesspal to track calories, but I’m a designer, and I need to see information to process it. I wanted a simpler way to track my workouts and eating habits, so I designed a calendar to help me visualize my progress. Each day has an icon for exercise, and an icon for food. If I worked out that day, I color in the icon. If I ate well, I fill in that icon as well. If I ate something terrible like a giant piece of cake I recorded it in the notes for the day. If I had a small cookie, I colored in half the icon and wrote notes. If most of the icons are filled in at the end of the month, I feel accomplished. If there are a lot missing, I know I need to try harder. Simple as that! Download my printable calendar and try it out for yourself.


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