whole foods vs. market basket

My intent for this post was to shop at Whole Foods today, and then shop at Market Basket next week as I usually do and compare. But I spaced out at Whole Foods and forgot my essential yogurt and eggs, and I had already bought a few things at Trader Joe’s yesterday. Here’s what I did buy:

photo 3

Lots and lots of delicious organic produce (but not all organic…so expensive!), chicken breasts, an organic chicken, vegetable broth, canned beans, canned tomato, soba noodles, and organic chocolate. The grand total? $69.85, which is what I typically spend at Market Basket. Had I bought all organic, I’m sure the total would have been much higher. The chicken breasts would have been double the price. The organic whole chicken was $10.65, and the Perdue whole chicken I bought at Market Basket was around $6, if I remember correctly. The organic mangoes were also really pricey, coming in at $2.99 each! I usually spend 79 cents on a mango at the Basket. I buy apples every week, and I was impressed with Whole Foods’ array of organic apples. They were $2.99 per lb, a dollar more than the non-organic ones I usually buy.

photo 1

I went in with a list, intending to stick to it and ignore all the temptations Whole Foods has to offer. They were rearranging the store and I happened to stumble upon the chocolate section (imagine that!) and was awed by their display. My number one weakness is chocolate, and my second weakness? Great package design. Double whammy. I allowed myself to buy some as my only impulse buy. And some for DK of course. The chocolate with my favorite packaging was way overpriced, but luckily I found some dark chocolate with “crystallized orange peel” that was on sale…and still had an awesome design.

photo 4

When we got home I started a meal in the crock pot and decided to attempt a workout. I thought I could try to sweat out the last of this cold…but my body was like


I managed to plug through it without pushing myself too hard, and then went out to my FOURTH grocery trip this weekend. That’s right. Hannaford on Friday for soup ingredients, then Trader Joe’s on Saturday for juice ingredients and other crap, and then Whole Foods and Market Basket today. Oy vey. I grabbed my eggs and yogurt, and then this happened:

photo 5

I am only human. And I’m sick. I need cake. I ate half and put the rest away for DK. (might have been more than half…YOLO) I’m not sure I’ll be changing my grocery routine anytime soon, since Whole Foods is kind of a hike. It’s easier to just hit up Trader Joe’s a couple times a month and rely on the ole Basket every Sunday!

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