first time juicer

It’s no fun to be sick, that’s for sure. I could feel it coming last week. That weird tight feeling in the back of my throat. DK’s been sick, so I knew what I was in for. We had planned to go up north for the weekend and I had taken friday off, but instead spent the day in bed. I did not want to do that again today, and I’ve had a hand-me-down juicer I’ve wanted to try. I set out to Trader Joe’s to get some veggies, fruits, and some pantry staples I’m running low on. I didn’t really have a recipe or a plan, but I’ve wanted to try juicing with kale (I’ve actually never tried kale at all), and I knew the taste of citrus would offset the taste so it wasn’t too grass-like.


In the juicer went the kale, an apple, an orange, and baby carrots. At first I was a bit scared of this machine and I didn’t expect it to make so much noise and vibrate all over the counter. Are they supposed to do that? Anyway, I filled my cup and admired my little experiment. I stirred it and took a sip…it was good!


Just what the doctor ordered. It’s much easier to drink my fruits and veggies instead of eating all of that, and I still get the same amount of nutrients. Especially when I’m sick…nobody wants to munch on carrots and apples with a sore throat. I felt bad about wasting all the leftover pulp, so I made muffins using a recipe from the juicer manual as a guide. I honestly didn’t expect them to turn out great since I had to improvise, but they weren’t bad. DK even liked them, so that’s saying a lot. I kind of wish I remember the measurements, but it was something like 2 cups of pulp, 3 egg whites, whole wheat flour, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, and baking soda. I added a few packets of stevia as well for kicks.


I actually am feeling better now, I can’t say if it was the juice or all the sleeping I’ve done this weekend, but I’m glad it’s almost over. I’m also glad I don’t have to cook tonight, thanks to my mom who brought me chili!

3 thoughts on “first time juicer

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  2. just got my juicer and have only used it twice – I’m still overwhelmed by the process and the cleaning process – probably because we have the smallest kitchen, no dishwasher, and seventy million appliances. BUT – I am determined to juice on weekends… Mine was loud with the kale, they say to put kale in first and all the other things last to push the kale out. Mine didn’t vibrate but it did scare the crap out of me.

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