first time juicer

It’s no fun to be sick, that’s for sure. I could feel it coming last week. That weird tight feeling in the back of my throat. DK’s been sick, so I knew what I was in for. We had planned to go up north for the weekend and I had taken friday off, but instead spent the day in bed. I did not want to do that again today, and I’ve had a hand-me-down juicer I’ve wanted to try. I set out to Trader Joe’s to get some veggies, fruits, and some pantry staples I’m running low on. I didn’t really have a recipe or a plan, but I’ve wanted to try juicing with kale (I’ve actually never tried kale at all), and I knew the taste of citrus would offset the taste so it wasn’t too grass-like.


In the juicer went the kale, an apple, an orange, and baby carrots. At first I was a bit scared of this machine and I didn’t expect it to make so much noise and vibrate all over the counter. Are they supposed to do that? Anyway, I filled my cup and admired my little experiment. I stirred it and took a sip…it was good!


Just what the doctor ordered. It’s much easier to drink my fruits and veggies instead of eating all of that, and I still get the same amount of nutrients. Especially when I’m sick…nobody wants to munch on carrots and apples with a sore throat. I felt bad about wasting all the leftover pulp, so I made muffins using a recipe from the juicer manual as a guide. I honestly didn’t expect them to turn out great since I had to improvise, but they weren’t bad. DK even liked them, so that’s saying a lot. I kind of wish I remember the measurements, but it was something like 2 cups of pulp, 3 egg whites, whole wheat flour, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, and baking soda. I added a few packets of stevia as well for kicks.


I actually am feeling better now, I can’t say if it was the juice or all the sleeping I’ve done this weekend, but I’m glad it’s almost over. I’m also glad I don’t have to cook tonight, thanks to my mom who brought me chili!

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