beware of artificial sweeteners

This morning, I did something I should have done a long time ago. I tossed my splenda. It was difficult, especially since I’m obsessed with the Almond flavor syrup. Reluctantly, I poured it down the drain and inhaled its delicious scent for the last time. For as long as I’ve been drinking coffee, I’ve used splenda to sweeten it. I thought this was better than using real sugar because it was calorie free and “sugar free.” What I didn’t know was that it was made from harmful chemicals, and now artificial sweeteners have been linked to cancers and a number of other diseases and conditions. Among these; headaches and dizziness.


For the past year and a half I’ve been getting headaches, silent migraines, and random bouts of dizziness. I saw a specialist a couple weeks ago and they did some hearing tests and balance tests, but I passed them all. He gave me a list of foods that can trigger migraines, which basically has every food known to man! The one thing that jumped out at me was nuts and nut butters, which I eat on a daily basis. I refused to stop eating that, so I decided to stop drinking coffee and see where that got me. It definitely helped, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was actually the splenda, since I was no longer having that either. I still drink green tea and herbal teas, but I’ve learned to drink them unsweetened or with German Rock sugar from Teavana. Artificial sweeteners may seem like a sweet deal (ha), but don’t be fooled like I was.

3 thoughts on “beware of artificial sweeteners

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  2. omg. love this post! So many people use splenda and it breaks my heart!!! Literally. Stevia is all natural, but to tell you the truth to make it Granular they have to process it with a bit of other “stuff” … BUT if you take a stevia leaf an put it in your tea it will naturally sweeten it. ❤ ❤

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