crock pot roasted chicken

Today was a recovery day, but I still woke up early to get some work done and prepare my food for the day. My other half is coming down with a cold, so after getting out of bed, I immediately peeled a clementine and shared it with him. I gave him one of my homemade protein bars (recipe to come!) as he was walking out the door in hopes that some good nutrition will make him feel better. After he left, I made myself some oatmeal topped with peanut butter, apples, and chia seeds. I was working on freelance stuff before heading to my full-time job, and almost forgot to prepare tonight’s roasted crock pot chicken. Luckily, this recipe is super quick and easy. All I had to do was line the bottom with half a chopped onion, remove the giblets, rub some spices on the bird, and toss it in. No liquid or anything! I set it on low and was out the door in less than ten minutes.


Around 10am, I had my daily greek yogurt. Market Basket was out of pomegranates this weekend (go figure) so I bought some strawberries and a six pack of kiwis. They were also out of the tub version of my yogurt so I had to settle for the individual ones. This kind of thing really throws off my groove. Sometimes I get so deep into my routine that once it’s disturbed I have a mini panic attack. How dare they not stock MY yogurt! And no pomegranates…gasp! Yeah…I’m working on that.

Around noon I had some roasted unsalted almonds, and headed to the gym in our office to walk on the treadmill. My friend and I have been doing this for about two weeks now and it’s so much better than just sitting in the break room. After a good brisk walk, I heated up leftovers from lasts nights dinner and peeled a hard boiled egg. A few hours later I was craving something sweet, so instead of dipping into a coworker’s candy bowl, I had an apple and was satisfied.


When I got home, the chicken smeltĀ amazing. I cut up a sweet potato and tossed it in coconut oil and popped it in the oven. I steamed up some green beans and when everything was all warmed up we dug in. Another delicious, easy dinner, and I even had plenty of leftovers for tomorrows lunch.

2 thoughts on “crock pot roasted chicken

  1. you eat your oikos like I eat my oikos, absolutely loaded with fruit! I like the vanilla with strawberries, bluebs, and the Bear Naked Fit vanilla almond granola!! this blog is great Ashley! I’ll definitely keep it on my must reads!

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