Interval Weight Workout

After doing workout videos for such a long time, I began to make my own with a combination of moves from Jillian Michaels and Insanity. Making my own workouts was a huge breakthrough, because I can design it to my needs and to my liking.

I did this one this morning because I needed a good strength session. I chose a workout playlist on Pandora and set my interval timer app to four circuits of five 40 second intervals, with a 30 second break after each circuit. I repeated each circuit 3 times before moving on to the next one.


I designed the first circuit to be a warm-up. The other three circuits each have four intervals with weights, and the final interval in each circuit is a blast of cardio.

Here is a breakdown of each circuit:

Circuit 1:

  • jog in place (duh)
  • jump rope (imaginary rope) in place
  • jumping jacks (if you don’t know what that is then…too bad)
  • heisman: like wide high knees, slightly bent torso
  • high knees: like jogging, but you lift your knees as high as you can, hence the name

Circuit 2:

  • crunch with press: lay on a mat with a hand weight in each hand (start with 3lbs unless you can do more); arms out as if to make a T with your body, but bend your elbows so your forearms are straight up. as you crunch, press the weights straight up in the air.
  • leg lifts with fly press: lay on a mat with a weight in each hand with your arms on the ground making a T. as you bring your arms up over your chest to meet in the middle, lift your legs as well. come back down and repeat.
  • squirms: lay on a mat with your knees up and feet on the ground. lift your shoulders and reach for your right ankle with your right hand, then do the same for the left. Keep alternating.
  • hip lifts: lay on a mat with your knees up and feet on the ground. lift your hips as high as possible and then come back down just an inch from the ground, repeat.
  • floor sprints (also called mountain climbers): start in plank position, and bring your knee to your chest, then alternate knees as if “climbing” very fast

Circuit 3:

  • chair sit with press: start in a standing position holding your hand weights. squat with feet together as if you’re about to sit in a chair, and begin to press your weights out in front of your chest, while remaining in the squat
  • squat with tricept raises: start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, weights in each hand, holding them above your head. as you squat, bring the weights down behind your head, creating a 90 degree angle in your elbows. bring the weights back up as you stand from the squat and repeat the exercise.
  • lunge with curl: alternate lunging on each leg while doing bicep curls with both arms as you come down into the lunge.
  • obliques: grab a heavier weight (I use 15lbs) and hold it in one hand while standing straight with feet slightly apart. lean down to the side with the weight, bringing it about knee-height. bring it back up and repeat. Halfway through the interval, switch sides.
  • mountain climbers: high knees with arms. start with a knee up, with the opposite side arm up straight. when that knee comes down, bring up the other arm and repeat like you’re doing high knees.

Circuit 4:

  • lighthouse with ball: start in a standing position holding an 8lb medicine ball out straight in front of your chest. swing the ball from left to right, moving your hips as well and only pivoting the feet.
  • lunge and twist with ball: hold the medicine ball near your chest, elbows bent. as you come into the lunge, twist your body with the ball to the side with the leg that’s in front.
  • squat ball swing: (these names just kill me) squat down while holding the ball down between your legs (seriously though). as you stand back up, swing the ball up and over above your head, and bring it back down as you squat back down. repeat.
  • spiderman with ball: this one is tough..start in plank position with one hand balancing on the ball, and raise your other arm straight out in front of you while raising the opposite leg, do the same on the other side and repeat.
  • burpees with ball: also called suicide jumps, come down to plank position while holding the ball and shoot your legs out into the plank. then jump them back in and jump up still with the ball. this is also a pain in the ass, but worth it.

There you have it. If you can do all that 3x over, I applaud you!

Download a printout of my weights circuit.

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